Even though my works differ in terms of form, media and genres - these range from essayistic documentaries, music videos, installations, photography series to experimental films - they are all founded in the dissolving structures.
This, however, can only be discerned when viewing the works from a distance. Sometimes it is more obvious: as in changing shapes and colours. Sometimes it is less obvious, when it is a matter of allowing existing thought patterns or ideas of the viewer to emerge in the first place, only to dissolve them again.
Since I myself am not a first-generation migrant, the themes of my work revolve around the identities and aesthetics of other cultures and past eras. 
Speed is my preferred medium, which forces the audience to fall into a contemplative mood and through which they are confronted with their own perception. This is in contrast to the current trend, which, through new media, leads to ever-faster consumption and thus short-term concentration.
I am convinced that art can serve as motivation and impulse generator and enable new thought-provoking impulses.

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